Acting Troupe: Theatre, Music and the Eyes


Influenced and inspired by classical theatre and obsessed with the eyes, Acting Troupe is a group of theatrical actors playing music, led by a far-famed incredibly-enigmatically eccentric theatrical actor Mik, also known as Count Mik, Pirate Mik, Dark Lord Mik and recently King Mik.

Acting Troupe is theatre and music, and as for the music, it has its own unique sound: it is metal with timpani as drums (or one may say metal with orchestral drums) and art music. There is the use of historical, vintage and rare musical instruments, as well as the sounds of nature to create a scene on every track, and every album is a fairy tale, and every track on the album is a chapter of the story. There are instrumental tracks and songs; in the songs there are the singing and the reciting of poems.

It is the combination of classical theatre, rock music, historical music, art music and sounds of nature, and all in all, it sounds like a soundtrack for a theatrical play or a motion picture. It is a journey through music, sounds, atmosphere and imagination, and can also be compared to reading a book: close your eyes, listen... and see how the images of the tale appear in your mind.

And there are historical and theatrical costumes, of course.
The symbol of Acting Troupe is the eye, and the eyes are watching you!

Acting Troupe promotional video: 

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