Juśtin - Issa 90's LUV (Album)


It looks like Juśtin has done it again. Although he is no longer a rookie it appears WE have made a rookie mistake by passing by his sweet project titled Issa 90's LUV. This 6 track masterpiece is the summary of something we all have felt (or hope to have felt) at some point in our lives: love. Starting off with track number 1, Poetic Motion is a lighthearted story of Juśtin first crush and it's not so happy ending. With clever lyricism and an unforgettable hook, this track will definitely leave you in your feelings.

In the next track with have Smooth Talk feat. Soul City. It's safe to say that this track may be the highlight of the whole project. One could imagine that the scene takes place in a club or party of some sort. With it's electric rhythm and funky bass, I couldn't help but move my body. Good thing there ain't no blood on the dance floor!

The rest of the project continues the cycle of love up until the last track, Issa Date Night where he's um....taking her on a date. Not much insight needed there! Overall this project is a nice blast from the past from the young star and will leave you searching for love!

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