Loudan - Young ft. 3ddie & koko (single)


LOUDAN releases "Young," his newest indie-pop single set to mesmerize listeners from the press of play. Teaming up with 3DDIE & KOKO, the release features a contrasting arrangement with euphoric, feel-good elements that will have any listener hooked. The latin nostalgic-sounding instrumentation will have listeners wanting more from this talented artist. Through this release, LOUDAN showcases his talent and versatility as a producer. This release will resonate with any listener, no matter the setting. 

"This song is merely a reflection of where we were at that moment, in adolescence, a time without worries, of pure pleasure, of new experiences. A time in my life where I did not have the responsibilities that I have today as an adult, where the only thing that mattered was making music, without any prejudice or worry about the outcome." - LOUDAN 

The track delivers a fusion of indie, pop, and latin that will have music aficionados hooked. The emotion-packed vocals adorn the atmospheric drumline and uplifting progression. "Young" will impact any listener as the perfectly crafted arrangement, vocal performance, and lyricism will take you on a sonic journey. Make sure to add the single to your daily rotation, as it will brighten any bad day. The single "Young", second off LOUDAN's upcoming EP, will be released on all digital streaming platforms on April 23 rd , 2021.

Listen Here: 


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